How To Position Area Rug In a Bedroom

How To Position Area Rug In a Bedroom

Area rugs can add personality and style to any room. Whether in a living room, family room, or bedroom, an area rug can be the perfect finishing touch. Here are a few tips on how to position an area rug in a bedroom: 

First, think about the size and shape of the room. Some rugs are designed to be smaller and tucked away while others are meant to be larger and placed in the center of the room.

1. You choice get the right size

Are you wondering how to position your area rug in a bedroom? Here are a few tips: 

First and foremost, choose the right size. An area rug should be large enough to cover the entire floor, but not so large that it takes up too much space. Place it in the center of the room, where it will be easy to walk on. If you have a lot of furniture around the perimeter of the room, place the rug closer to those walls.

When choosing a color, consider your bedroom’s décor. A brightly-colored rug may clash with your bedspread or curtains, so go for something more subtle. Also, avoid rugs with patterns that are too busy or intricate; they’ll look overwhelming in a small room.

2. Don’t cover up the rug

If you want to keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy, don’t cover up the rug with a bedspread or comforter. Instead, position the area rug in such a way that it doesn’t cover up any of the furniture. This will allow you to easily see what’s underneath and make it easier to clean.

3. Match the rug with the bedroom paint color

When deciding on which rug to place in your bedroom, it is important to consider the print color of your walls. Some popular bedroom print colors are blue, green, and pink. Matching the rug to the color of your wall will help to create a cohesive look in your bedroom. If you have a darker wall color, choose a darker rug. If you have a lighter wall color, choose a lighter rug.

4. Rug On The Sides Of The Bed

When decorating your bedroom, one of the first things to consider is where to place the area rug. A rug on the sides of the bed can add a touch of luxury and comfort. Here are some tips for positioning a rug on the side of your bed: 

Start by figuring out how wide your bed is. This will help you determine how much space you have to work with.

Measure down from the headboard or footboard, and then subtract about an inch. This is your margin of error.

Place the rug so that it reaches within this margin of error and doesn’t extend beyond it.

If you have a headboard, position the edge of the rug against it and tuck it in behind.

5. Little part under the bed

There’s a lot of debate on what’s the best place for a rug in a bedroom. Some people believe that an area rug should be placed under the bed, while others say it should be placed in front of the bed. Here are some tips on how to position your rug: 

If you want to place your rug under the bed, you’ll need to first remove any furniture that is obstructing the space. Once everything is cleared away, you can then put down floor padding or carpet tiles and place your rug on top. Make sure that there’s enough room between the bed and the edge of the rug so that your feet have plenty of room to move around. 

6. Use Layering under the bed

There are many ways to use layering under the bed in a bedroom. One way is to place a large area rug on the floor, then place two or three thinner rugs on top of it. This will create a cozy space beneath the bed for sleeping. Another option is to use several small rugs to create different levels of warmth and comfort. It’s important to find the right rug for your bedroom, as one that’s too thick or too thin could make sleeping uncomfortable.

Finally, it’s also possible to simply place sheets on the floor and sleep on top of them. This type of arrangement is best suited for people who tend to move around a lot during sleep, as it allows them to keep their belongings close by without having to get up each time they need something.

7. Everything On Top

If you have a small bedroom, consider positioning your area rug on the floor. This will give you more space to move around and will minimize the amount of clutter on top of the rug. If you have a larger bedroom, try placing your rug on a low platform or furniture piece. This way, it’ll be out of reach from feet and other objects, but still, be visible and accessible.

8. Use Round Rug Under Leg

A round rug can add a touch of elegance and comfort to any bedroom. To position the rug in your bedroom, first determine the location of the bed. Then, measure the distance from the bed to the door and place the rug near that point. If you want to place the rug in front of or behind the bed, measure from the wall to where you want the rug to be and place it there.

9. Use a rug  end of the bed

If you want an area rug to add comfort and style to your bedroom, consider positioning it at the rug end of the bed. This way, you’ll have more space to walk around the bed and less chance of tripping on the edges of the rug. To do this, remove one or more of the bed’s legs and put the rug in its place. Be sure to account for any protruding furniture or walls that may need to be taken into account when making your placement decision.

10. Carpet from door to bed

In a bedroom, it is important to choose the right rug to create a comfortable and stylish position area. A carpet from door to bed can be the perfect solution for a room that needs extra padding and comfort. The rug can help to keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It can also add personality and style to a room.

What is the best way to position a rug in a bedroom?

There are a few things to consider when positioning a rug in a bedroom. First, the rug should be large enough to cover the entire floor area, but not so large as to take up too much space. Second, the rug should be placed in an area where it won’t get stepped on or dragged across the floor. Finally, make sure the bed is positioned so that the rug covers as much of the floor as possible.


If you want to position a rug in your bedroom, follow these tips: first, measure the space and choose the size of rug that will fit comfortably. Second, place the rug on a level surface and make sure it is centered. Third, use a rug pad or piece of felt to protect the flooring. Fourth, use a steamer to remove any wrinkles or tangles from the rug. Fifth, attach the fringe if desired.

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