What Type of Walls Do You Need for Stick On Wall Murals?

What Type of Walls Do You Need for Stick On Wall Murals?

The process of applying a wall mural starts with the site prep work. That is to say that you need to bring your walls up to par before applying the wallpaper. At this point, you will clean the walls, remove loose paint, seal and make sure that there are no cracks or holes in either surface.

Once these steps are complete then you should come down and apply the designs over your prepared surfaces. The application process is easy if you have the right skills and knowledge. However, it’s important to know the type of walls that can work perfectly well with the removable wallpaper. But before that, let’s understand wall Murals and the different types you can choose from. 

What are peel-and-stick wall murals?

Wall Murals are wall décor options that let you peel and stick well-designed wallpapers on different walls in the house. They come adhesive-backed with backing paper attached meaning that you don’t have to apply extra paste or glue. 

Are Wall Murals expensive?

That depends on what type of wall mural you choose and where you buy your mural. The cost can increase depending on whether you will hire someone to help you or you will do it yourself. You might end up spending up to $500 on mural application. But if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person who doesn’t mind spending some time then wall murals are affordable and convenient thanks to the peel-and-stick method.

Benefits of peel-and-stick wall murals

The biggest advantage of stick-on wall murals is that you can take them off when you don’t want them on your walls anymore. If you move to a new place, or if the design doesn’t work as you wanted it to then all you have to do is remove it from the walls. Peel and stick wallpapers are great for temporary uses as well because they can be easily removed. The good thing about peel-and-stick wallpapers is that they don’t leave glue behind once they are removed from the walls. 

What Type of Walls Do You Need for Stick On Wall Murals?

Living room walls

A living room is the first place to consider hanging a stick-on wall mural. The murals are not only great for adorning the walls, but they can also help in setting a great mood in the room. It is best to apply such wall murals on the living room walls making sure they match the existing living room décor. 

Kitchen walls

This is one place where you can add both elegance and comfort using stick-on-wall murals. You can choose from a variety of options in terms of designs, patterns, and colors to make your kitchen look unique. 

Bedroom walls

You can use stick-on-wall murals to transform the mood and appearance of a bedroom. You should however consider using murals on walls that are in neutral tones such as cream, black and eggshell white. 

Nursery walls

This area is the most suitable for stick-on-wall murals. Depending on the gender of your child, you can always stick wallpapers that will match their mood and preferences. Luckily, they are easy to remove meaning you can remove them easily and change the patterns, colors and designs as they grow up. 

Garage walls

Most people don’t give much attention to the garage walls. However, you can always use wall murals to bring it up to par with other rooms in the house. Again, start with a neutral color and then use other color options to paint it as you go along. 

Outdoor spaces

You can use the stick-on-wall murals to transform outdoor spaces from dull to lively and vibrant. The wall murals will add beauty and make the area more pleasant to be around. There are different kinds of designs that you can choose from including those with intricate scenes and natural themes such as water features and roses.

The type of wall surface where you apply the stick on wall murals is almost limitless. In the end, it is important to note that stick-on-wall murals are able to transform and beautify your home in a short period of time. The only thing you need is patience and a good design plan.

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