Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas

Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas

A small laundry room and mudroom combo can be a great addition to your home. They both offer a convenient place to store your clothes, and they can both be used for other purposes as well. A small laundry room can also function as a bedroom when it’s not in use, while a mudroom can provide extra storage space. Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas.

What Are Rooms And Mudrooms?

A small laundry room or mudroom can be an important part of any home. It can be used to store clothes, linens, and other items while the main living area is being used. A small laundry room can also be handy when you have to go outside to get a package or drop something off.

Small Laundry Room and Mudroom Decorating Tips:

If your laundry room is on the smaller side, don’t feel constrained by its size! You can still make it feel spacious and inviting with a few simple decorating ideas. For example, consider using tall shelves to store folded clothes, ornaments, and accessories. Also, be sure to include a few comfortable seating areas, like a sofa or chair with a throw pillow, to make it feel like an indoor oasis. And finally, remember to paint or decorate the walls in neutral colors so they won’t clash with any of your laundry-related accessories.

Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas: 16 Best Tips 

1. Mudroom and Laundry Room Layouts

A small laundry room and mudroom combo can be a great solution for people who have limited space. This layout is perfect for people who live in apartments or condos, or for people who are short on floor space. The laundry room can be located near the front door, and the Mudroom can be located near the back of the apartment or condo. 

In smaller spaces, it is important to use every inch of available space. When designing a small laundry room and mudroom combo, it is important to choose an efficient layout that uses as little floor space as possible. A small laundry room with a built-in washer and dryer can save valuable floor space. In addition, using a freestanding washer and dryer can free up even more floor space in your tiny laundry room.

2. Storage-Packed Laundry Room

How about a laundry room that is both small and functional? This storage-packed laundry room combo would be perfect for a home with limited space. The laundry room features a compact size, but it also has plenty of storage for clothes and linens. A mudroom area can be added to the back of the laundry room for extra storage or use as an entryway.

3. Wallpapered Laundry Room

Your small laundry room and mudroom combo is finally complete! This wallpapered laundry room features a mini-fridge, microwave, and hanging clothes rack to maximize space. The walls are painted a soft blue color to create a calming atmosphere for folding clothes. A comfortable chair and ottoman provide a place to sit while you wash your clothes. This wallpapered laundry room is perfect for any small home.

4. Laundry Room Mudroom with a Place for Pets

A small laundry room and mudroom combo is a great way to maximize space in a home. This layout can be great for people who have pets, as it provides a place for them to hang their coats and get their dog’s water bowl. In addition, this layout can help homeowners save money on laundry supplies. Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas.

5. Laundry Room Mudroom Layout

Adding a small laundry room and mudroom combo to your home can be a great way to maximize space and convenience. By combining these two spaces, you can easily get your clothes clean and organized without having to go through the hassle of going into the main living area. Plus, if you have children, this layout can also help keep them organized and out of mischief while you are getting your clothes cleaned. 

There are a few things that you will need in order to create this layout. First, you will need a small laundry room with adequate ventilation. Second, you will need a mudroom that is large enough for both the washer and dryer. Finally, you will need some shelving or storage in the laundry room for your clothes. Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas.

6. Farmhouse Laundry Room

If you’re limited on space and want to get the most out of your laundry room, consider combining it with a mudroom. A small laundry room can easily be expanded by adding a bench, shelves, and a clothes dryer. Plus, a mudroom allows you to conveniently grab your keys, coat, or bag as you head out the door. If space is really tight, consider using an under-counter washer and dryer instead of an entire dedicated laundry room.

7. Large Mudroom with Seating

Are you looking for a space to store your clothes but don’t want the clutter of a large laundry room? Look no further than a combo mudroom/small laundry room. Most homes have just enough space to squeeze in a small laundry room, but not enough storage for all of your clothes. A combo mudroom/small laundry room can be the perfect solution! It takes up less space than a regular laundry room, and it has enough storage to fit all of your clothes. Plus, you can use the space as a place to hang out or relax. If you’re short on space, a combo mudroom/small laundry room is the perfect solution!

8. Hidden Washer and Dryer

Many people often overlook the small laundry room and mudroom combo when looking for a new place to live. However, these tiny spaces can be perfect for those who are looking for a small space to do their laundry. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having a small laundry room and mudroom combo and how you can make the most of it. Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas.

The first benefit of having a small laundry room and mudroom combo is that it can save you valuable space in your home. If you have a large laundry room, then you may end up using all of its space for other things, such as storage or a work area. In contrast, if you have a small laundry room and mudroom combo, then you can use the entire space for your clothes and supplies. This means that you will not have to waste any extra space in your home.

9. Mudrooms and Laundry Room Storage

For those who have a small laundry room or mudroom combo, you know that storage is key. With limited space, you need to find ways to maximize the area. One way to do this is by using clever storage ideas for small laundry rooms and mudrooms. 

One great idea is to use built-in shelving in your washing machine and dryer. This will give you plenty of space to store clothes and linens while they are being laundered. You can also use hanging shelves in your laundry room or mudroom to store larger items like towels and sheets. 

Another great way to use small laundry room or mudroom storage is by using baskets and containers. This type of storage is perfect for holding smaller items, like socks or underwear, so they don’t take up space on the floor. Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Ideas.

10. Small Mudroom Laundry Room Ideas

There are many creative ways to design a small laundry room that is still functional. A laundry room with a mudroom combo can be very handy if you have children and need to get their clothes clean quickly. Mudrooms are also popular in contemporary homes, as they give you an extra space to store items, such as your shoes. Here are some small laundry room ideas that will help you create the perfect space for your needs. 

If you have limited space, consider using a wall of cabinets instead of a countertop for your washer and dryer. This will give you more storage for folded clothes and linens, and it will look neat and tidy when the cabinets are closed up. You can also use floating shelves instead of cabinets if there is not enough wall space. This option allows you to customize the layout of the shelves to make them look stylish and modern.

11. Laundry Room Workspace

If you’re looking for a laundry room workspace that’s both compact and functional, you’ll love the laundry room combo pictured here. With a small laundry room and mudroom combined, you can easily keep your clothes clean and organized. This space is also great for smaller families or roommates who don’t have a lot of storage space.

12. Laundry Room Mudroom with Cubbies

Many people feel that a laundry room can be too small, especially if it is also used as a mudroom. However, with the right design, a small laundry room can be turned into a functional and attractive space. One way to do this is by incorporating cubbies into the design. This not only creates more storage space, but it also makes the area look more organized and tidy. Additionally, cubbies help keep clothes clean because they are easily accessible. If you are looking for a way to make your small laundry room even more functional, consider incorporating these cubbies into the design.

13. Hallway Laundry Room Ideas

Hallway laundry rooms can come in handy for a variety of reasons. They can be small, but efficient spaces that can serve as a mudroom and small laundry area all in one. They can also be larger spaces that function as a separate laundry room and bedroom suite. Whatever the size or function of your hallway laundry room, there are likely some ideas below to help you get started. 

First, think about what you need your hallway laundry room to do. If it’s primarily a space for washing clothes, then you may want to consider incorporating more storage into the space. This could include built-in cabinets or shelving units, or adding an extra dresser or bench to provide extra storage. If space is tight, try using smaller appliances like washers and dryers instead of full-size ones.

14. Waterfall Laundry Room Countertops

The Waterfall Laundry Room Countertops are the perfect addition to your small laundry room and mudroom combo. With a sleek design, these countertops come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs. Made from durable tempered glass, these countertops are sure to last long and provide a stylish look for your space.

15. Flooring for Mudroom and Laundry Rooms

Choosing the right flooring for your small laundry room and mudroom combo can be a daunting task. While there are many different types of flooring to choose from, it’s important to consider factors like the width of the room, the type of traffic that will be in the space, and the amount of storage space available. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect flooring for your needs: 

When choosing a flooring option for your small laundry room and mudroom combo, it’s important to consider how wide the room is. Some Flooring options, like cork boards, are only suitable for spaces that are at least 6 feet wide. Others, like laminate floors, can be wider or narrower depending on the size of the room. It’s also important to think about how often people will be in space.

16. Laundry Room with Open Storage

Do you have a small laundry room that’s in need of some extra storage? Why not turn it into a mudroom combo by adding an open storage area to your laundry room? This type of layout is perfect for small spaces, as it allows you to store items both inside and outside the room. Plus, it gives your guests a place to store their clothes while they’re waiting for their clothes to wash. If you’re looking for ideas on how to create an open storage area in your laundry room, be sure to check out our tips below.

Tips For Keeping a Small Laundry Room And Mudroom Combo Tidy

If you’re like most people, you have a small laundry room and mudroom combo. But with a few tips, you can keep them both looking tidy and organized. Here are 4 tips to help:

  • Store your laundry supplies in an organized way. Put all of your clothes in one place so they’re easy to find.
  • Make use of space efficiently. Rather than storing items on the floor, put them on shelves or hanging racks. This will free up space on the floor for other things.
  • Keep surfaces clean and free of clutter. Clean surfaces will make it easier to work and less cluttered areas will make it easier to see what’s going on around you.
  • Plan your cleaning schedule carefully.


For many people, a small laundry room and mudroom combo is the perfect solution for their needs. Not only do they offer more space than a typical laundry room, but they can also serve as a storage area for items like tools and clothes. Whether you need a small laundry room to fit in your current space or you’re looking for an extra spot to store items, a combination of a small laundry room and mudroom can be the perfect solution.

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