Significance of Just Sold Postcards

Significance of Just Sold Postcards

The sale of a home is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated. One way to celebrate this is by sending postcards to your past clients and your sphere of influence, announcing that the home has sold. This is a great marketing tool to keep your name top of mind.

Postcards for just sold listings can help brokers to spread the news. According to the Association of Realtors, many home buyers begin their search for a new home online. Therefore, to be different from the competition, it is essential for real estate agents to use this approach for marketing. One way to achieve this is by sending postcards for just sold listings.

Why Use Professional Postcard Portals

When it comes to mail, first impressions are critical. Postcards are no different! A professional postcard portal is a way to go if agents want to make an impression. Not only will those look great, but they’ll be delivered on time and without hassle.

Mail Tracking

If agents look for a reliable postcard portal that offers mail tracking, they should consider using a professional service. They could be sure their cards will be delivered on time and to the correct address. One can track the delivery of the cards, so one knows when they arrive at their destination. Brokers can choose from unique designs and templates to create a perfect postcard. They can add their message or logo and print those in any size or quantity needed.


First and foremost, professional postcard portals offer a level of aesthetics that local printers can’t match. However, when it comes to making a good impression, appearance is essential.

Save Money

Using a professional portal is a great way to save time and money. Brokers don’t have to think about designing and printing their postcards and can be sure they’ll be of high quality. Plus, most portals offer discounts if folks order in bulk.

Should You Put a Just Sold Postcard on Listing?

Yes, you should use them for just sold listings. It is a great way to show potential buyers that a home is in demand. Additionally, it is a great marketing tool to generate interest in the listing.

How to Promote Real Estate Venture with These Items?

Promoting real estate business with postcards is a great way to share the listings with potential buyers. Here are tips on how to promote a business with these items:

1. Use high-quality photos for the listings. This will help grab attention and show an agent’s properties in their best light.

2. Keep the design of your postcards clean and professional because you want potential buyers to take you seriously.

3. Include a call to action on your postcards, such as “Call for a showing today!” or “Visit the website for more listings.” This will encourage recipients to take immediate action.

4. Include your contact information so that interested buyers can reach out to you.

Final Verdict

Postcards for just sold houses can be a great way to market your business. They can help you stay on the priority list with your clients and prospects, and they can also help you generate referrals. Just be sure to customize your postcards to stand out from the competition, and include call details, so your clients know what to do next. So, wait no further and get started.

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