Quality Hardwoods

Quality Hardwoods

The company Quality Hardwoods Ltd. Was established in 1982 and was originally located in Aurora, ON. Eventually, the company outgrew its location and moved to Powassan, ON. It now employs over 20 people. The company was named after its founder, Paul Brooks. Its website includes information on the company’s history, products, and services.

Moore-Newton Quality Hardwoods

Moore-Newton Quality Hardwoods is a distributor of hardwood timbers. Their offerings include hardwood veneers, hardwood plywood, hardwood hardwoods, and combination cores. They distribute their products throughout the U.S. and provide next-day delivery with orders over $500. To learn more about the company, read on!

The company offers a variety of different hardwood products and boasts good customer service. They take the time to listen to your specific needs and will discuss them with you in depth. In addition, the employees all have the same demeanor, which is helpful and appreciated in the process of selecting hardwood lumber.

Paul Brooks

Quality Hardwoods is a wholesale company in Ontario, Canada that specializes in hardwood lumber. The company is headquartered on a twenty-acre site located just north of Toronto and a short drive from North Bay, Ontario. Its location provides easy access to railheads and ports. It is also conveniently situated on Highway 400/11N. Founded by Paul Brooks, Hardwoods has won several awards for its quality products and services.

The Hardwoods specializes in hardwood lumber products for millwork and furniture manufacturing. They offer lumber products that are custom-made to customer specifications. The company kilns, grades, and packages the lumber in order to deliver it to customers anywhere in the world.

Patrick Goodfellow

Patrick Goodfellow, owner and founder of Hardwoods, has completed the acquisition of a company that manufactures and distributes hardwood lumber products in the U.S. and Canada. The deal is valued at $5.7 million, and the company financed the acquisition through an existing credit facility. The company plans to expand its product line and expand its customer base.

Patrick Goodfellow’s wood products are available in a wide variety of species, widths, and textures. These products are easy to install, long-lasting, and beautiful.


If you are in the market for new hardwood floors, consider purchasing your floors from Jamie’s Hardwoods. The company’s product line is diverse and features domestic and exotic wood species. Their website offers several search options, including a drill-down feature that lets you specify a specific look, plank size, and DIY level.

Josh Martin

Josh Martin is a business consultant with nine years of experience in a variety of capacities. His skills span digital transformation, integration management, and relationship building across a number of industries. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen or hardwood flooring for your basement, he can help. Josh’s extensive experience includes both residential and commercial projects.

Bioheat system

Hardwoods a Canadian manufacturer of premium hardwood flooring, is using a bioheat system to reduce energy costs and produce clean, renewable energy. Its bioheat system is powered by wood pellets, which are produced from mill and harvest residues. The company sources their wood pellets from ICS Lacroix, a family-run company in Hearst, Ontario.

Another advantage of Bioheat is that it reduces emissions. It is also biodegradable, which means it’s good for the environment. Also extends equipment life, reducing the need for periodic maintenance. It is also domestically produced, which reduces dependence on imported oil.

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