How to Fit 2 Beds in a Small Room

How to Fit 2 Beds in a Small Room

Finding a way to fit two beds in a small room can be tricky, but it is possible. With the right furniture, lighting and storage solutions, you can turn any tiny bedroom into a comfortable sleeping space for two. In this article, you will learn some useful tips on how to maximize the space in your room and create a functional sleeping area for both beds. With the right approach, you can make sure that your small bedroom doesn’t feel cramped or overcrowded.

1. Measure the Room

Measure the bedRoom

Small rooms can be a challenge when it comes to fitting two beds, but with the right measurements and planning, it can be done. To ensure that you make the most of your space and fit two cot in your small room, follow these simple steps.

Begin by measuring the dimensions of the room and the size of each bed to determine how much space is available. Consider how much floor space you need for walkways around each bed as well as any other furniture in the room. If one or both beds have attached frames, measure them too. This will help you decide if there is enough room for them in the room without having to move existing furniture around. You may find that rearranging current pieces or removing certain items altogether will create more space for your cot.

2. Select Appropriate Beds

Select Appropriate Beds

When it comes to fitting two beds into a small room, there are a few key considerations that need to be taken into account. Firstly, the size of the bed will play an important role in determining. How much space is available for other furnishings and accessories? 

Secondly, the type of bed should also be taken into consideration; for example, bunk beds can help maximise space in a small room by taking up less floor space than two separate beds would. Lastly, it’s important to think about any storage needs or additional furniture items that may be needed. If possible choose a cot with built-in drawers and shelves so that you don’t have to sacrifice even more floor area.

3. Utilise Wall Space

Utilise bedroom Wall Space

Creating a comfortable and functional living space in a small room can be a challenge. It often requires creative thinking and the utilisation of all available space, including walls. Fitting two beds into such a limited area is possible with careful planning. 

Begin by measuring your room to determine the best layout for both beds and available wall space. This will help you visualise where each bed should go in order to maximise the amount of floor space left over for other furniture or activities. If there is enough wall space, consider mounting one or both beds on an angle from the corner, perpendicular to another wall. This technique offers extra sleeping area but makes use of minimal horizontal floor area. Alternatively, opt for a bunk cot and use the upper level as storage or a workspace too.

4. Maximise Floor Space

Maximise Floor Space in bedroom

Maximising floor space in a small room can be tricky, but with a few clever ideas. It is possible to fit two cot comfortably in the same room. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your limited area and fit two beds in a small room. 

The first thing to do is measure the floor area of the room and work out what size bed will fit. Make sure that you leave enough space for any other furniture you plan to add, as well as enough walking space around each bed so that it’s easy to move around. Once this has been established, look at different types of beds which could go in the room – bunk cot are perfect for smaller rooms. Or you could opt for two separate single cot instead.

5. Side By Side Bed

Side By Side Bed

Fitting two beds into a small room can be a challenge, but with the right planning and setup, it is possible. A great way to make this work is by using a side by side cot. This type of bed arrangement can be beneficial for many families that are trying to maximise their limited space.

Side by side beds allow two people to sleep in one room without sacrificing comfort. They come in various sizes ranging from twin sized to full sized and can even be used as bunk beds if the room is small enough. The key to making this setup work is to measure the area where you plan on placing the cot carefully before making any purchases so that you know everything will fit properly. Additionally, consider adding storage underneath the bed frames or opting for wall-mounted shelves or racks so that all necessary items have a designated spot.

6. Investigate Loft Beds

Investigate Loft Beds

When it comes to loft bed shopping, you’ll want to consider its size, construction materials, and weight capacity. Measure the room before you purchase your bed so that it will fit properly without leaving too much open space underneath. You should also look for models with sturdy construction and strong weight capacity so that it is safe for children or adults who may use it. Additionally, make sure your bed has an adequate mattress support system as this will help protect your mattress from premature wear and tear due to sagging or other problems over time. Finally, don’t forget about safety features such as guardrails for extra security when using the top bunk.

7. Add Opposite Walls

Add Opposite Walls

First, you should measure your room and decide on the best configuration for the two beds’ placement. Then, you should think about what other pieces of furniture will be necessary to complete the look. Such as nightstands or storage units that can be placed between the beds. Consider utilising wall space by mounting shelves or cubby holes above each bed to store items such as books, blankets or stuffed animals. You may also want to add window treatments or coat hooks next to each bed for additional functionality and aesthetic appeal.

8. Add Day bed & under-bed combo

Add Day bed & under-bed combo

When it comes to making the most of a small room, finding ways to fit two beds can be quite challenging. But with a daybed and under-bed combo, you can maximise both space and comfort in any tight living area. 

This type of system is a great choice for small homes or apartments that require extra sleeping accommodations but don’t have enough space for two large beds. During the day, the daybed functions as a comfortable seating area that allows you to relax and take in your environment. When night rolls around, simply pull out the trundle unit from beneath the bed frame and voila! You have an extra mattress ready to accommodate your guests during their stay. The combination of these two pieces has several advantages over traditional bunks or double cot.

9. Included Children’s Bed

bedroom into Included Children's Bed

Fitting two kids’ beds in a small bedroom can be a challenge. But with the right space-saving bed, you can make it possible! An included children’s bed is an ideal choice for any family looking to maximise their space while still providing comfort and cosy sleeping arrangements. 

Not only do included children’s beds provide extra room for your kids. But they also come with many other benefits too. From built-in storage compartments to adjustable mattress heights and even bunk bed options. These types of cot offer plenty of features that will keep both parents and kids happy. In addition, they can easily be moved around or rearranged if needed as your family grows and changes over time.

10. Utilise Vertical Storage

Utilise Vertical Storage in bedroom

Vertical storage is an effective and cost-efficient way to maximise the space in a small room. With vertical storage, one can find creative solutions for fitting two beds into a small bedroom without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. It takes some planning and creativity, but it can be done with ease. 

There are plenty of ways to use vertical storage when fitting two beds in a small room. First, look for bunk bed frames that are short enough so as not to take up too much area. If this isn’t possible, consider wall-mounted beds. Which save floor space and offer additional storage underneath them for books or other items. Alternatively, lofting a bed over another is an excellent way to create more living area. While still allowing both cot to fit comfortably into the same room.

11. Ensure Maximum Natural Light With The Bed

Ensure Maximum Natural Light With The Bed

First off, consider how much space is available between the two beds. This will help determine how close each bed should be placed in relation to one another. As well as how much floor space is left for walking around and other furniture pieces. Secondly, think about window placement – try to place both beds near windows if possible. So that they get adequate amounts of natural light throughout the day. Additionally, install sheer curtains or blinds on all windows in order to diffuse bright sunlight while still allowing plenty of light through during daytime hours.

12. Maximise Bed Space

Maximise Bed Space

Maximising bed space in a small room can be tricky, especially when trying to fit two beds. Fortunately, there are some simple methods and creative solutions that can help create an efficient and comfortable sleeping area.

The first step is to measure the available space in the room. So you know what size beds will fit without compromising on comfort or mobility. If possible, opt for bunk cot as they take up much less floor area than two individual beds. Perfect for a children’s bedroom or guest accommodations. Alternatively, if you have enough room then consider investing in two twin daybeds. Which offer extra seating during the day as well as additional sleep area at night. There’s also futons and lofted cot which provide plenty of storage underneath for added organisation.


Fitting two beds in a small room can be done with some creative design and rearranging. By following these simple steps, you can make the most of a limited space. Consider using bunk cot, twin beds side by side, or loft bed designs to maximise floor area. If you’d like more privacy then try putting up dividers or curtains between the cot. Make sure that there is enough clear floor area for safe walking. And playing if the room will be shared by children.

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