EnerWisely – Reduce Your Energy Use and Carbon Footprint With EnerWisely

EnerWisely – Reduce Your Energy Use and Carbon Footprint With EnerWisely

EnerWisely is an AI sustainability platform

ENERWISELY is a platform powered by artificial intelligence that helps people reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. It also helps organizations engage employees and communities in carbon reduction plans. The AI-powered platform can analyze data from millions of sources and provide actionable insights for corporations.

The EnerWisely platform uses data from smart meters to analyze energy consumption patterns. It then generates an energy score, indicating how energy efficient a home is. The score is based on a one-to-ten scale; the higher the score, the more energy-efficient the home is. The system also integrates historical energy use data, home features, occupant behavior and location.

Moosejaw, a Canadian outdoor recreation apparel and equipment retailer, was interested in reviewing its environmental performance. It was concerned about the carbon footprint of its products, which could potentially result in the company reducing their energy costs. In their efforts, Moosejaw discovered a common online behaviour – size sampling – that caused unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

It provides personalized energy analysis

EnerWisely is a free service that provides personalized energy analysis and recommendations. The website analyzes your energy usage and helps you identify energy-efficient features in your home. It also calculates your carbon emissions and recommends actions to offset them. It will also notify you when your plan needs to be renewed, and you’ll receive alerts to help you make the most of your monthly utility bill.

EnerWisely uses historical electricity consumption data to produce personalized recommendations. It analyzes your usage trends on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. It will also help you compare your energy use with similar homes. The data can even be compared between weekdays and weekends.

It calculates electricity leaks

EnerWisely is a new online tool that helps homeowners determine how much electricity they are wasting. The application calculates electricity leaks and carbon emissions and recommends actions to reduce them. It also tracks consumption trends and alerts users when their plan is about to expire. By comparing electricity prices and other factors, EnerWisely helps you choose the most efficient electricity plan for your home.

It recommends actions to offset carbon emissions

Carbon offsetting is a key step in combating climate change and is an effective way to protect nature by routing money to areas of the world that need it most. Carbon offsets work by creating an accounting system that balances the scales when it comes to pollution. Historically, offset schemes have also been used to address other environmental issues.

To offset carbon emissions, companies should adopt ambitious carbon reduction plans. To do so, companies and governments must pledge to meet ambitious decarbonization targets in line with the Paris climate agreement. It’s also vital that only high-integrity credits enter the market. This is an important distinction because it ensures that the credits are not based on reductions that didn’t happen because of market demand. Scaling up carbon markets is crucial to meeting goals to reduce emissions in the near term and funding a low-carbon future.

It lowers your bills

With a free energy efficiency assessment, you can find out how much you can save by improving the efficiency of your home and reducing your bills. The EnerWisely Savings Calculator can help you see how much you can save in real terms and also reduce your carbon footprint. This Houston-based energy management company specializes in helping people identify areas for energy efficiency and waste reduction. Its data-driven matching process helps customers compare different Texas energy plans based on their own usage patterns.

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