Why Choose FibreGuard Upholstery?

Why Choose FibreGuard Upholstery?

Having a fireguard can make a huge difference to your home. They are easy to maintain, Mildew resistant and offer stain prevention technology. They also offer moisture proof and anti-microbial properties.

Stain prevention technology

Using FibreGuard stain prevention technology will help your home and office furniture look clean and fresh for years to come. This technology uses special technology applied to the yarn in the finishing process to give the fabric a stain resistance effect. This makes it easier for you to keep your furniture clean and looking new.

The best part about FibreGuard stain prevention technology is that you don’t need to use harsh detergents to get your fabric clean. You can simply wash it with water and air. This method is also easy on the environment. It uses no chemicals, including bleach.

The technology is also free of potentially harmful chemicals such as phthalates and phenols. It also uses an invisible shield around each fiber to help keep liquids from penetrating the fabric. The technology also helps create a healthier indoor environment by preventing odors and skin sensitizers from permeating the fabric.


Designed to be anti-microbial, FibreGuard fabrics have a moisture barrier layer and an anti-bacterial finish. These properties make FibreGuard fabric the perfect choice for demanding healthcare settings. It is particularly useful for hospital upholstery, where it prevents the spread of germs and bad odours.

FibreGuard fabrics are tested by independent laboratories for anti-bacterial and moisture resistance. They are also Oeko-Tex® certified, which means they do not contain harmful chemicals. This ensures that your patients are kept safe, even when they are seated on them.

FibreGuard fabrics are manufactured by mills that meet ISO 140001, which is a worldwide standard for environmental responsibility. The manufacturing process is monitored closely to minimize pollution incidents. FibreGuard fabrics also meet the Global Recycled Standard, which means they have recycled content.

During production, an anti-microbial solution is applied to the fabric. This ensures that FibreGuard fabrics retain their unique properties throughout the life of the product.

Moisture proof

Whether you are looking to create a new hotel room or you are looking to replace a piece of furniture in your health care facility, FibreGuard fabric is the perfect choice. It is durable, odor resistant and has anti-microbial properties. It is also a low maintenance material. This type of fabric is suited to any environment that requires high traffic.

During the production process, an anti-microbial solution is applied to the fabric. This is important as it helps prevent the formation of bacteria and mildew. The fabric also has a moisture barrier to prevent liquids from penetrating the fabric. This allows the fabric to retain its softness and rich color.

FibreGuard fabric is easy to clean. It is a stain-free material that can be cleaned with a combination of water and household soap. It also has an anti-microbial finish, which helps to prevent the formation of bacteria.

Mildew resistant

Whether you’re a restaurateur, hotelier, or aged care provider, FibreGuard is the fabric for you. Combining Stain Free Technology with a moisture barrier, these fabrics provide a clean, comfortable, and low-maintenance experience. It’s also a great solution for public spaces because it helps prevent the spread of germs. In addition to being anti-microbial, it’s also odour-resistant. And, with multiple washings, you’ll be happy to know that it won’t tarnish over time.

Aside from the Stain Free Technology, FibreGuard also has a number of other benefits, including a breathable barrier. This barrier also makes it easy to clean. And, if you’re worried about stains, the fabrics are stain-resistant down to the thread composition. It also has a soft touch. In addition, FibreGuard is a recyclable fabric.

The fabrics are also made from materials that are durable and low-maintenance. This combination makes FibreGuard fabrics a perfect fit for any business, no matter the size.

Easy to clean

Whether you have a stain on your couch, chair, or bed, you can clean FibreGuard easily and effectively. You can even remove stains like red wine and coffee. Unlike other fabrics, FibreGuard fabric does not need to be treated with Scotchgard or other finishes.

FibreGuard is made from a unique blend of high quality textiles and the latest Stain Free Technology. This gives you the confidence that your FibreGuard fabrics are long-lasting and easy to maintain. It is also eco-friendly and stress-free. You can clean FibreGuard fabric easily by following a few steps.

First, you will need to wash the fabric with water. Make sure you follow the temperature recommendations on your cleaning label. If the stain is very stubborn, you may need to use household soap. Using a small amount of soap, rub it on the stain with a clean cloth. After removing the soap, rinse with water and repeat.

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