Types of Chests and Trunks

Types of Chests and Trunks

A chest is a piece of furniture with a rectangular structure and a removable lid that is usually used to store personal items. There are many variations of this type of furniture, and its interior space can be divided into several sections. A chest can be incredibly useful for storing items for traveling or keeping important items out of sight.

Antique trunks

The age and condition of an antique utopiahome.com.au or trunk will be a big factor in determining its value. An antique trunk that has not been restored is less valuable than one that has been restored to look like new. It’s also important to note any damages that are visible on the trunk. To help you make a good buying decision, consider contacting an antique expert online. They can help you understand the nuances of antique chests and trunks, and can also provide you with important advice about restoring your antique trunk.

A vintage trunk may be used for storage, but it can also be a stylish piece in a living room or bedroom. An old trunk is a classic accent piece and can be used as an end table or coffee table. It has a distressed look, a scalloped bottom, a latch for closure, and a distressed or gold metal finish.

Travel trunks

There are several different types of travel trunks. Some are flat-top, which makes them easy to stack in tight spaces, while others have domed tops. Flat-top trunks are most often made of wood, leather, or canvas. Dome-top trunks have a domed lid and are less common. These are also called barrel trunks. They are made of tin or embossed wood.

Travel trunks come in several shapes, styles, and colors, making them a versatile choice for many uses. For example, a flat-top trunk can be turned into a handsome coffee table. Unfortunately, it is not completely flat on the top because the wood slats protrude above the body of the trunk. A solution to this is to cover the trunk with a sheet of thick glass.


Suitcases for chest trunks are useful storage containers. They provide ample space and are easy to maneuver. They have spinner wheels and strategically molded grab areas for easy access. Made of Makrolon® polycarbonate, these luggage items are lightweight and durable. They also provide elasticity and resilience.

Although trunks have been around for thousands of years, most modern versions date from the mid-18th and early twentieth centuries. They were eventually replaced by suitcases, which were much more lightweight and cost-effective. Nevertheless, some people still use trunks today, and their popularity hasn’t declined.

Hope chests

Hope chests are collections of objects that are kept for future use. They are often described as “a really big jewelry box”. Can be used to store a diary, photo album, and other treasured items. They are also used to keep family heirlooms. In addition, hope chests can be used as storage for items in a home.

Hope chests were traditionally used for storing keepsakes such as dowry (gifts from the bride’s family). These gifts were often expensive and luxurious, but the bride’s family wanted to give a meaningful gift to her future husband. Fathers often built hope chests for their daughters as a wedding gift, and these were passed down from generation to generation.

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