How to Choose an accent wall in Bedroom

How to Choose an accent wall in Bedroom

An accent wall in the bedroom is one way to add some personality to your space. This article will teach you how to choose an accent wall that will work for any space. First, consider the area where the accent wall will be located. You should also consider what colors are already in the room. Next, decide if you want a big or small accent wall. Lastly, decide on any other items that might go with your design, such as pictures and artwork.

Choose an accent wall in the bedroom

An accent wall in the bedroom is a great way to add some visual interest and personality to your space. It can also help make your room feel more spacious if the accent wall is on the shorter side. You may want to consider choosing an accent wall in one of these 3 colors: white, ivory, or light gray. This will tie in nicely with any color you choose for your bedding set, pillows, curtains, and art on the walls.

Choose the Right accent Wall 

The bedroom is a room that can be a sanctuary for the homeowner. It’s where we go to rest, relax and have time to ourselves away from work and daily life. A mood-setting accent wall can create the perfect place for restful sleep. However, choosing the right accent wall can seem like an overwhelming task; there are so many options! How do I know which accent wall works best? There are several ways to narrow down this decision including considering the type of wall, size and location within the room, and material(s) used.

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Choosing the Right Colors for the accent wall 

When you are deciding on an accent wall in your bedroom, there are a few things to consider. The first thing is the size of the room. An accent wall will not work in a small room because it will make it feel smaller. Another thing to think about when choosing an accent wall is color. If the color is too bold, it might clash with your bedding or flooring unless that is what you are going for. If the color isn’t very bright, it may not stand out as well against darker tones such as reds, browns, greens, etc. Since most bedrooms aren’t painted in neutral shades, adding an accent wall with a brighter hue can really turn attention toward the wall.

Focal Point of accent wall

Many people will choose to paint one wall of their bedroom a different color than the other walls. One of the most popular colors used is brown because it complements many other colors. This article will show you how to properly choose an accent wall for your bedroom. To start, select the color for the focal point of the wall. Choose a wall color that compliments all of the colors already found in your bedroom. For instance, if your carpet has a light blue or green pattern, don’t use a dark brown over top of those patterns.

The symmetry of the accent wall 

The first thing you must know about bedroom accent walls is that they can be any color and material you want. The most common colors for an accent wall in a bedroom are brown, black, reds, and blues because these colors tend to give off a soothing vibe. You can also choose to decorate the wall with a flat panel TV or mirror as well as wood paneling to create an elegant feel.

Inside Corners of accent wall 

An accent wall in a bedroom is one of the most popular design styles and can be an easy and affordable addition to create a focal point in the space. If you’re still not sure how to choose your accent wall, read on. Accent Walls come in almost every color except white so its great to have some ideas of what type of colors look good together.

Incorporate fabric of an accent wall

The trend of accent walls in a bedroom can be a difficult decision. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect accent wall in your bedroom:

1) Choose colors that match what you have going on in your room. For example, if there are a lot of earthy tones going on, try using a brown or tan for your accent wall instead of blue or red.

2) Add textures into the mix! Choosing fabrics such as velvet will add elegance while a simple stripe pattern will make the accent wall pop.

3) Consider adding wallpaper to bring pattern and texture into the room. This provides visual interest without having to go through the hassle of painting.

4) Try different materials; brick, board, and vinyl all lend themselves nicely to creating a textural effect much like wallpaper but won’t cost quite as much.

5) Don’t forget about mirrors and TVs – they can really dress up an otherwise boring accent wall.

6) With any design style, it’s always nice to keep things consistent by choosing furniture pieces that fit with your theme as well.

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Tie it all together with an accent wall 

Living with an accent wall in the bedroom can sometimes be difficult. For some people, it’s a difficult decision because they are unsure of what color or pattern to choose. Other people are able to make the decision relatively easy by choosing one of their favorite colors, patterns, or textures. Whatever you decide, do not worry about all the different possibilities because there are many benefits that come with having an accent wall in your bedroom.


In conclusion, The best way to choose an accent wall is to go with a style that is most complementary to the room’s design. The right color and pattern will make all the difference in your bedroom’s atmosphere, so take some time before you start to measure and plan.

It’s important to take some time before you start to measure and plan which color or pattern will complement the room design.

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