Benefits and Process of Air Duct Cleaning

Benefits and Process of Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts collect contaminants like dirt, dust, hair, dander, allergens, nasty little mites, rodents, their droppings. and even mold which can cause serious health problems. This guide is Benefits and Process of Air Duct Cleaning.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) says that dirty air ducts contribute to health issues for people with respiratory problems. how immune disorders, asthma, and allergies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that homes are 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoors.

In air duct cleaning service,  they use an industry-leading truck-mounted vacuum system. This truck is one big vacuum cleaner and is quite powerful. If you choose a reputable air duct cleaning service. They would use only the very best and newest equipment to serve you.

How are Air Ducts Cleaned?

Now, let’s get into how air ducts are cleaned. At the start of the process, you would see the technician creating an access point. Then installing a coupler that will receive the hose that they attach to the truck-mounted vacuum. Make sure the service provider you choose should be licensed bonded. Insured and all of their technicians are highly trained and certified.

How are Air Ducts Cleaned?

Then they are going to cover all of the vents in the home with a plastic film. This helps restrict airflow and create a maximum vacuum at the vent that they are cleaning at the time. They could use a spinning wire brush attachment to clean the boot and the connected duct.

As the brush breaks free, any debris, the truck gets sitting all the way out in the driveway. Pulls it right out of the system. Then they will step outside and use a high-pressure hose to just clean off the vent diffuser. Make sure that it’s free of any debris.

⇒ Air Hose with Ball Attachment

The technicians can use a high-pressure air hose with a ball attachment. This is designed to prevent damage even in flexible air ducts. It’s inserted all the way into the ductwork to stir up any debris. So, the vacuum truck can pull it from the system. The back truck, out in the driveway, is powerful enough to blow this vent diffuser. The technician’s hands and hold it up against the ceiling while he inserts the screws.

This process is then repeated on every supply and return vent throughout the entire home one at a time. Now, the technician makes access holes through these powerful air whips that get inserted. Into the ductwork and break loose anything that may be stuck to the sides. Free it up and let the vacuum truck pull it out.

⇒ Furnace Compartment Blower Motor

Now, the technician is going to clean the furnace compartment blower motor and the a-coil if it’s present. When he’s finished, the technician installs access covers to seal up the holes. Where we originally made access to the system then plugs are installed to seal up. The holes where the air whips were inserted. Benefits and Process of Air Duct Cleaning.

Then a sticker is placed on the furnace to remind the customer when his next cleaning is due. Sanitizers and deodorizers may be added to each vent to give your home. The clean fresh air that your family deserves.

Benefits of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The five reasons for you to have your air ducts cleaned and how will you benefit from them. Are given as follows:

1.   It Promotes a healthier Living Environment

If you open up your vents and you look down into your registers on the air ducts. You will see a lot of duct hair, food, toys, and you will see everything in there. By getting all that out of those vents, the overall environment in the house. The air quality will improve tremendously and you will be breathing cleaner air. Benefits and Process of Air Duct Cleaning.

2.  Ensures the Reduction of Allergens and Rodents

It ensures the reduction of allergens and potential rodents, all that pet dander, dust, dust mites, and contamination. When you’re breathing that, you’re creating irritation in your airways that will make breathing a lot harder.

Ensures the Reduction of Allergens and Rodents

3.   Helps in Breathing Better

Getting that out of there will help you breathe better. After the cleaning, breathing becomes much easier because you’re getting all that contamination out of there. You, your kids, and everybody in the house will feel and smell the difference. Right away and breathing becomes much easier.

4.   Improves the Smell and the Odors

If you have a lot of dog hair in your vents that create a bad odor. You’re breathing that in because you’re distributing all that bad odor throughout the house. If you have built-up, that built up smells bad and you’re transferring all that throughout the house as well.

5.   Home Stays Cleaner

By cleaning the ducts and vents, your home stays clean longer. You have a lot of dust in the vents that do get spooling through the returns. It goes into the furnace and then it gets distributed throughout all the vents. You just clean your house and you see dust everywhere. That means that your air ducts are dirty. By cleaning them you’re getting all that dust out of the house.


Would you get a free dust place? No, you won’t. But, I would rather live in a house where the ducts being clean was 95 percent of the dust. The house than live in a dirty house.

If you live in Austin or the surrounding areas like Round Rock or Georgetown. Make sure to check out these amazing air duct cleaning service providers who will. Not only clean the air ducts but will also show before and after images of the process. Which is a sign of a good service provider.

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